Ho do I enable cruise control?

All 2010 and onward IIDTool Menu->Car Config->BCM Body Control-> Cruise Control Display set to Full priority JAG Cruise Control set to Normal Cruise Control set to Fitted   Discovery 3/LR3, Range Rover Sport up to 2009 IIDTool Menu->Car Config->Instrument Pack-> Steering wheel control set to Resistive ladder 1 Speed Control set to Fitted

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Ho do I enable timed climate (park heat)?

For Discovery 3/LR3 and Range Rover Sport up to 2009 This cannot be done since Land Rover never implemented it. Aftermarket kits are available.   For 2010 and up vehicles fitted with a FBH (not the electric heater) IIDTool Menu->Car Config->HVAC Ventilation-> FBH Call Start is equal to Fitted radio.  This is the one related [...]

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I enabled the rear view camera setting on my Discovery 3 / Range Rover Sport. Why is it not working?

In order to make the rear view camera image appear on the navigation screen when reversing, the screen needs to be modified. This will fool the navigation screen to think that it’s in a Range Rover. The following thread from Disco3.co.uk explains the procedure: http://disco3.co.uk/forum/topic74474.html

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