Electronic Air Suspension Control


The best method of raising or lowering an EAS equipped Land Rover


EASControl Main Menu

The EASControl is now discontinued. All EASControl functions are embedded in the IIDTool BT (Bluetooth). Click  here for more details.

For use, the EASControl is simply plugged into the vehicle’s OBD port. The cruise control buttons are used to enter and navigate the menu while information is displayed in the instrument cluster display. The integrated interface cannot be used if the cruise control buttons or instrument cluster screen is defective (pixel problems for example). An IIDTool BT used with a mobile device will be the correct solution in these cases.

  • Resume : ‘Start EASControl function’ and ‘Enter’
  • + and – : ‘Menu up’ and ‘Menu Down’ or, for programming/calibration ‘Value Up’and ‘Value down’
  • On/Off : ‘Back one level’ or, with a long (3sec) push ‘Quit EASControl function’



Full Diagnostic Capability
Advanced Programming Functions
Integrated Interface


Full Diagnostic Capability
Advanced Programming Functions : Vin-Locked
Integrated Interface
Updates: Free

Full Diagnostic Capability

  • Fault Read / Clear (Suspension only)
  • Service routines (Suspension only)
  • Live Data (Suspension only)
  • Manual Components Activation (Output Control, Suspension only)

Advanced Programming Functions

  • Height Adjustment (front, rear or all)
  • Individual sensor calibration (needed after a repair)
  • Backup of original height
  • 3 personalized height profiles

Vehicle coverage

Available for

  • Discovery3/LR3 L319 2004-09
  • Discovery4/LR4 L319 2010 and up
  • Range Rover L322 2002-05
  • Range Rover L322 2006-09
  • Range Rover Sport L320 2005-09
  • Range Rover Sport L320 2010-13

If your vehicle is not in the list, please consult the IIDTool page. All EASControl functions are included in the IIDTool, IIDTool BT and IIDTool Pro.