A new firmware version is now available.

New features available when using the latest firmware in conjunction with the latest Apple and Android App:
-A new bar was added which shows the current connection and ignition status as well as battery voltage.
-Advanced Read status bits selection can now be saved and are visible with easy to read icons.
-A new and more intuitive screen to adjust your suspension height with default and saved settings.
-New suspension guided calibration method which eliminates the need for calculations, even ground and takes only 5 minutes
-New suspension test valve layout
-All live values (PIDs) are now available for all supported vehicles (L322: except for older BMW type ECUs, new firmware only)
-Access to the complete Car Configuration File list available upon request
-Trigger function which allows custom audible or vibration alarm and automatic start/stop logging of live values. (new and old firmwares)
-Jaguar vehicles now supported: F-Type, XF, XJ and XK at the current time.
-And much more!